Segway x2 SE Personal Transporter

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Just because the pavement ends, doesn't mean the fun should. The x2 SE Personal Transporter can handle packed dirt, grass and trails with its 8" ground clearance, deep-tread tires, and wide platform.

Your PT ships almost completely assembled, so we can deliver it right to your doorstep or ship it to the nearest dealer (recommended) who will do the finish assembly, charge your batteries, install accessories and dispose of packing materials at no additional cost.

When your order is received, our Customer Care team will contact you to arrange for a free Product Orientation and to confirm the delivery address. Customer Care is available Mon-Fri 8am-5pm EST. If you place your order outside those hours, please expect a call during the next business day.

Product Orientation gives you the opportunity for in-person instruction on the basics of PT operation and understanding of the safety features of the PT. Please view the safety video on the included User Materials, or here.

You can read the user manual prior to your product orientation by downloading it here.

The Segway PT is only returnable unopened and unused.

What is the weight limit to ride? Total payload to safely ride a Segway Personal Transporter (PT) must not exceed 260 lbs. Also, riders must be at least 100 lbs. to safely ride. You can find all specifications in the user manual.

Is the PT a medical device? The Segway PT was designed for universal use. It has not been designed, tested, or approved for use as a medical device. You must be able to step on and off the PT, which requires physical abilities similar to climbing and descending stairs without assistance and without a handrail.

What is product orientation? Product orientation is an introduction to the Segway PT's features, operation and assistance with your first ride. It is performed by a Segway representative, or an authorized dealer.

Do I need product orientation? How long does it take? We recommend product orientation, which typically takes about 30 minutes, for all riders. While the information covered in the orientation is also explained in the user materials and video, we feel there's no substitute for an in-person experience.

What should I do before riding the PT? As with any transportation device, use of the PT involves a risk of injury. Before attempting to use the PT, you should watch the safety video, read the user manual and complete a product orientation. This will reduce the risk of injury but does not eliminate it completely.

If I want it shipped to my local dealer do I need to know their address? No. We will contact you when we receive your order to confirm your preference for delivery to a dealer or to you directly.

What if I want it delivered to my home or office? Due to the value of the PT, delivery requires a signature. If you are receiving a product orientation at your location, you may be required to assemble the Segway PT, charge its batteries beforehand and make it available for that product orientation. We recommend you do not ride the PT prior to reading the user materials, watching the safety video and receiving a product orientation.

What's the lifetime use I should expect from my batteries? It's very hard to predict lifetime use due to variables such as battery care, how frequently the PT is charged, how much it is ridden, where it is stored, etc. We feel confident that 1000 discharge cycles can be expected, which, for most people, means years of service.

Does the PT come with a warranty? The Segway PT has a one-year limited warranty on the battery and internal components and a 90-day limited warranty on items that wear; such as tires, mats, and grips. Complete details can be found here.

Do you sell an extended limited warranty? Yes. One additional year is $595 and two additional years is $895.

What if I need service? The Segway PT is known for its reliability but every product needs attention occasionally. You can refer to our dealer locator for a list of local dealers or contact Segway Technical Support at 1-866-4SEGWAY or

Is this product legal to use on sidewalks? Use of the PT on public roads, sidewalks or trails is regulated by many states and/or municipalities and prohibited by some. Please consult your local and state authorities. Many of these laws use the term "Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device" or "Personal Motorized Mobility Device". They may also specify minimum ages for riders on public roads and/or sidewalks and may mandate protective gear such as helmets.

Does this product ship from your factory in the US? Yes, the Segway PT has always been manufactured in Bedford, NH by our experienced assembly team.

How long will it take for my PT to arrive? Please expect a 14-day lead time to allow for special handling of your order and to arrange for your product orientation.

How big is the box? The box is 38"x26"x30" and weighs 145 lbs.